USMC F-35's Reach IOC This Summer

When Marine Corps pilots start taking to the skies in the F-35B this summer, their brand new aircraft will be lacking in quite a few areas compared to some of the aircraft that it is slated to replace - namely the A-10 Warthog. Read more »

General Who Compared A-10 Protest to Treason Reprimanded

In an earlier post, we mentioned that US Air Force Major General James Post made a comment to a group of about 300 officers stating that "Anyone who is passing information to Congress about A-10 capabilities is committing treason”. While the Air Force claimed that these comments were merely hyperbole, due to requests from Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) the Air Force agreed to investigate Post's comments and find out if they did have a negative impact on personnel and morale. Read more »

The VA, One Year Later

It's been about a year since it was revealed that a VA hospital in Phoenix was concealing wait times for soldiers' care and that soldiers have died while waiting for care, and while progress has been made, not everyone is satisfied. Read more »

Military Personnel System In Need of an Overhaul

After only 5 weeks on the job, Defense Secretary Ash Carter is worried about both recruiting and retaining the best soldiers for America's military in the coming years. To that end, DefSec Carter has come up with a dramatic change to the US military's personnel system and structure.

Some of his proposed changes:

  • Change the promotion system to put increased weight on skill and merit, and less emphasis on seniority.

President, Defense Secretary Both Support Retirement Overhaul

The call to change military retirement benefits has gotten some support from those in the upper levels of the government, as both the White House and Defense Secretary Ash Carter both support the idea of overhauling the military retirement system. Read more »

Defense Budget Woes...Again

Both Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey testified in mid-March that the House defense budget, which uses emergency war funding to skirt defense spending limits, would be vetoed by the President if it passes through Congress.

The budget proposal, which would maintain the $523 billion cap for base spending and put $94 billion into the OCO fund, came from fiscal conservatives in the House Budget Committee. Other budgets have proposed exceeding the base budget cap and providing $577 billion for the base budget with $51 billion for the OCO fund. Read more »

USAF Structure Report Issued - Changes Coming!

The Air Force has finished their congressionally-mandated report on the integration and force structure between the 3 USAF components (active duty, National Guard, and Reserve), and has agreed or begun to implement many of the recommendations. Read more »

USAF Requests B-2 Upgrades

Although the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is one of the newest aircraft in the US Air Force's arsenal, its maintenance and operational needs have caused the USAF to request authorization for several different modernization projects in the coming fiscal year. Read more »

USAF Under Fire for Perceived Campaign Against the A-10

An Air Force General who suggested that any airmen talking to Congress about the A-10's capabilities would be committing treason has come under fire for his comments. Read more »

Military Pay Raises Not Keeping Pace with Private Sector

Although the 2016 Defense budget calls for a 1.3 percent raise in basic pay for soldiers and their families, the paychecks for military members are still getting smaller according to Col. Mike Hayden (USAF, ret.), the director of government relations for the Military Officers Association of America. Read more »

Air Force News Wire

'The truth needs to be told' about Japan's war history, some vets say

As Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepares to address Congress next week, in the 70th anniversary year of the war's end, something rankles U.S. military veteran Lester Tenney about Japan's attitude toward its past.
3 hours 8 min ago

'Guantánamo Diary': Detainee's memoir recalls life, torture inside prison

As the only detainee memoir to emerge from inside the prison (others wrote after they left), it offers a near real-time account of early experimentation at Guantánamo — something exceptionally rare because the U.S. military has never allowed reporters to talk to its prisoners.
3 hours 25 min ago

Korean woman recounts path from 14-year-old girl to WWII sex slave

“What I want is to take back my dignity and honor,” Kim Bok-dong, 88, one of the few surviving “comfort women,” told the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo on Friday.
3 hours 52 min ago

Police arrest man who admitted to landing drone on Japanese PM's office

The small drone found Wednesday had traces of radiation and triggered fears of potential terrorist attacks using unmanned aerial devices, police said.
4 hours 4 min ago

Ex-Gitmo detainees in Uruguay protest at US embassy, want financial help

Adel bin Muhammad El Ouerghi said he and others wanted to speak with the U.S. ambassador to Uruguay. He said the U.S. should help the men financially, an argument he and a few of the other former detainees have made repeatedly.
4 hours 22 min ago

Hawaii poised to become 1st state to raise smoking age to 21

Opponents say it's unfair that a military veteran returning from service could be prevented from smoking.
4 hours 59 min ago