Video: RAF F-35B in 4K

F-35 JSF

The first F-35B delivered to the British Royal Air Force was joined by two USMC F-35Bs at the RIAT (Royal International Air Tattoo) at RAF Fairford, and they put on a nice demonstration - not only of the F-35's maneuverability, but also the B-variants ability to land vertically.

Forget Pilot Videos - Here's One By Crew Chiefs!

A-10 Crew Chief

Hawg Smoke - a competition between 13 A-10 teams at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona - took place this year from June 2-4, and this video gives a little bit of "behind-the-scenes" action from the perspective of the crew chief getting an A-10 ready for a flight. Read more »

USAF Can't Afford Aircraft in 5 Years

According to a recently released report by the Pentagon, the Air Force's budget problems are made clear. According to the Annual Aviation and Inventory Funding Plan for fiscal years 2017-2046, the USAF runs out of money to support it's fighter fleet in 2021 - just five years from now. Read more »

F-35 Flies With Thunderbirds

F-35 and Thunderbird's F-16 in formation

A neat picture of the F-35 keeping up with the Thunderbird's F-16 in a relatively low-speed formation was posted a few days ago on the Thunderbird's Facebook page, and now we have video of this awesome formation!

Read more »

New Class of F-16 Grads at Holloman, AFB

A new class of F-16 pilots has just graduated from the 311th Fighter Squadron “Sidewinders”, and what would a graduating class be without a cool video, so:

Obama's Push for Vet Hiring - A Rocky Success

Military veterans

The push to improve employment prospects for veterans after they return home is paying off - about one in every three people hired by the federal government now is a military veteran - but it's also causing confusion and resentment in both civilians looking for the same jobs and those doing the hiring. Read more »

Some Good F-35 News, For Once!

F-35 In Flight

It looks like the F-35 program finally has some good budget-related news to pass along. Or, at least 1/3 of the F-35 program does! Read more »

USAF Short 500 Pilots

US Air Force pilots

If you want to be a fighter pilot, there's no time like the present, since the US Air Force is currently about 500 pilots short of what they need, and deficit is expected to grow to about 800 pilots short by 2022, according to a article. Read more »

F-35 Not Ready Before 2022 According to DOT&E

F-35 Conducting Air-to-Ground Weapons Testing

POGO, or the Project On Government Oversight, has released an in-depth summary of a report by the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) on the F-35 program, and although the DOT&E report is full of technical language, the overall summary is bad news for the F-35. Read more »

LRS-B Image Emerges: Meet the B-21

B-21 is the LRS-B

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James unveiled the first renderings of the Air Force's LRS-B, which will be known as the B-21, at the Air Force Association’s annual Air Warfare Symposium.

There are no prototypes of this bomber built yet, but the above artist rendering is based upon the initial design concept. Read more »

Air Force News Wire

Students bring high hopes to inauguration summit

Thousands of young students arrived in the nation's capital this week to attend the presidential inauguration a five-day immersive educational experience in governing, debating, and helping to solve the world's biggest problems.
5 hours 7 min ago

Veterans call on Iowa lawmakers for benefits, bargaining rights

Military veterans conducted maneuvers at the Iowa Capitol Wednesday, calling for improved benefits for the 230,000 who call Iowa home and protection for the collective bargaining rights of more than one-fifth of Iowa veterans who hold public sector jobs.
5 hours 13 min ago

VA terminates lease for planned Washington clinic

A long-awaited new veterans outpatient clinic in Bremerton, Wash. has been delayed a great deal longer. VA Puget Sound Health Care System terminated a lease of a potential new space due to seismic concerns.
5 hours 21 min ago

UN alarmed that most of al-Shabab's force in Somalia are kids

In a report to the Security Council circulated this week, the U.N. chief said al-Shabab used children in combat, with 9-year-olds reportedly taught to use weapons and sent to front lines.
5 hours 28 min ago

Trump supporters, opponents clash outside 'DeploraBall'

The DeploraBall drew attention on social media earlier this month, in part because several of the people who were said to be attending are known for being online provocateurs, contributing to the alt-right, an extremist movement of mostly young men seeking a whites-only nation.
5 hours 51 min ago

Up to 117 civilians died in strikes during Obama presidency

Human rights and other groups have criticized the administration, saying it has undercounted civilian casualties. They also are worried that President-elect Donald Trump will more aggressively conduct drone strikes.
6 hours 6 min ago