USAF Structure Report Issued - Changes Coming!

The Air Force has finished their congressionally-mandated report on the integration and force structure between the 3 USAF components (active duty, National Guard, and Reserve), and has agreed or begun to implement many of the recommendations. Read more »

USAF Requests B-2 Upgrades

Although the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is one of the newest aircraft in the US Air Force's arsenal, its maintenance and operational needs have caused the USAF to request authorization for several different modernization projects in the coming fiscal year. Read more »

USAF Under Fire for Perceived Campaign Against the A-10

An Air Force General who suggested that any airmen talking to Congress about the A-10's capabilities would be committing treason has come under fire for his comments. Read more »

Military Pay Raises Not Keeping Pace with Private Sector

Although the 2016 Defense budget calls for a 1.3 percent raise in basic pay for soldiers and their families, the paychecks for military members are still getting smaller according to Col. Mike Hayden (USAF, ret.), the director of government relations for the Military Officers Association of America. Read more »

F-16 Dodging 6 SAMs in Desert Storm!

This 1991 video of an F-16 dodging 6 SAMs during Operation Desert Storm is about as intense as it gets!

The SAMs start at about 3 minutes in.

A Look at the F-35's CAS Tactics

The F-35 is causing controversy just about everywhere that it's mentioned. Politicians, civilians, soldiers, pilots, maintainers - it seems that everyone has an opinion on this aircraft, and it's often not a positive one. Read more »

Congress Insists on Joint Camo Pattern

It looks like uniforms are back on Congress' budget-cutting radar - language in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2015 looks to get rid of service-specific camo patterns, according to an article over at Read more »

Book Review: The Ultimate Air Force Basic Training Guidebook

One of the scariest things about leaving for basic military training is venturing into the unknown - and anything that can give you a heads-up about what's to come can help you get in the right mindset to get the most out of basic training. Written by Senior Airman Nicholas Van Wormer - who graduated from Air Force Basic Military Training in 2007 - The Ultimate Air Force Basic Training Guidebook is designed to help answer many of the most common questions asked by those who are thinking about enlisting or getting ready to ship out! Read more »

A-10 "Safe" for Another Year

It looks like the A-10 is safe from Air Force budget cuts for a bit longer, as lawmakers announced that portions of the recently-passed 2015 National Defense Authorization Act prohibits the Air Force from retiring (or preparing to retire) any of the Warthog fleet for the 2015 fiscal year. Read more »

See the Thunderbirds Show From the Cockpit!

Not many people have been able to see what the USAF Thunderbirds' show looks like from the cockpit of the #5 Lead Solo jet, but now you can!

The video, filmed by several GoPro cameras installed in Maj. Blaine Jones' cockpit, captures rarely-seen views of several famous Thunderbird manuevers - the Calypso pass, the crossover break, and showing the incredible performance of their F-16s. Read more »

Air Force News Wire

Afghanistan vets reassured by Trump reversing calls for exit

Many Afghanistan veterans say it's reassuring that President Trump reversed his past calls for a speedy exit and won't pull troops out under a strict deadline. Though some worry the administration's strategy is too vague to lead to victory.
14 hours 56 min ago

Contracts For Aug. 22, 2017

CONTRACTS DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc., Stamford, Connecticut, has
14 hours 56 min ago
Press Operations

Army-Navy to play 4 times in Philadelphia from 2018-22

The Army-Navy football game will be played in Philadelphia four times from 2018-2022, returning to its most frequent host city. This year's Army-Navy game will mark the 11th time Lincoln Financial Field has hosted.
15 hours 15 min ago

3 children pulled from rubble on quake-hit Italian island

The Toscano family's happy ending brought cheers from the firefighters who worked through the night to extricate the three brothers, trapped alone for hours after their father was rescued and their pregnant mother managed to free herself from their collapsed apartment.
15 hours 26 min ago

US cuts, delays $300 million in aid to Egypt, citing rights

Under U.S. law, the secretary of state must certify that Egypt is meeting human rights conditions or determine that it is in the U.S. national interest to release the money. U.S. officials said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had signed the waiver but would hold off spending the money.
15 hours 29 min ago

Senior Executive Service Announcements

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has announced the following Department of Defense Senior Executive
15 hours 55 min ago
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