First Test of Unmanned F-16 a Success

The first test flight of a US Air Force unmanned F-16, known as the QF-16, was a great success, according to the USAF and Boeing personnel involved in the program.

The QF-16 will replace the aging QF-4 as a full-scale fighter primarily used as target practice and weapons testing. Having a more modern plane as a target drone will allow pilots to better prepare for the more maneuverable and capable aircraft they may see in the skies over hostile territory. Read more »

Air Force Considering Cutting Entire Fleets

With the huge budget cuts still in place and the Air Force's desire to maintain existing procurement projects (e.g. the F-35), the Air Force is considering cutting entire fleets of certain aircraft for the coming fiscal year. Read more »

Air Force Vet Takes Taco Truck to Italy

An Air Force veteran has set up an unlikely but profitable business in an unusual location. Here's some more information from the original story, by Stars and Stripes' Kent Harris:

Martin Lopez was familiar with the concept of getting restaurant-quality food from a vehicle while growing up in San Jose, Calif. They’re not hard to find on the West Coast, where many residents refer to the ubiquitous enterprises as taco trucks.
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Can I join the US Air Force?

If you are interested in joining the US Air Force, the following information will hopefully be helpful. But remember, sometimes the information will change with little or no warning, and so your best bet is to get in touch with an Air Force recruiter since their information is always up-to-date!

Request Info on How to Join the Air Force
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Basic Training

Basic Training in the Air Force is similar to the other branches of service. The Air Force wants you to learn the "right way" to do things - their way. During basic you can expect a lot of exercise, learning, and stress, but you will also (hopefully) graduate with new found skills, discipline, and mental toughness. Read more »

Air Force News Wire

Soccer gatherings are season highlight - and sometimes entire season

It’s easy to schedule sporting events between DODEA-Europe’s largest high schools. Outside of that vicinity, however, things get more complicated.
16 hours 37 min ago

White House: Trump will not immediately bolt NAFTA

President Donald Trump on Wednesday told the leaders of Mexico and Canada that he will not immediately pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, just hours after administration officials said he was considering a draft executive order to do just that.
17 hours 38 sec ago

Crew rescued after Navy helicopter crash in Guam waters

The Navy says Thursday's crash happened as the helicopter was conducting routine flight operations. Guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey rescued the pilots and air crewman, who were uninjured.
17 hours 29 min ago

Auto lender that specializes in loans to US troops is in trouble again

A finance company that engaged in illegal debt collection tactics will be fined an additional $1.25 million for failing to repay servicemembers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Wednesday.
17 hours 56 min ago

‘Even the stones reek with sadness’ in Aleppo

Before the war, Aleppo was an engine of wealth, a hub for tens of thousands of factories and workshops. However, although peace has returned, the neighborhoods of Aleppo remain largely ghost towns.
19 hours 43 min ago

New South Sudan fighting displaces 25,000 people

The fighting has caused a reduction in humanitarian services and a shortage of water for the displaced. Civilians are fleeing to the nearby South Sudanese town of Aburoc.
20 hours 57 min ago