Can I join the US Air Force?

If you are interested in joining the US Air Force, the following information will hopefully be helpful. But remember, sometimes the information will change with little or no warning, and so your best bet is to get in touch with an Air Force recruiter since their information is always up-to-date!

Request Info on How to Join the Air Force
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Basic Training

Basic Training in the Air Force is similar to the other branches of service. The Air Force wants you to learn the "right way" to do things - their way. During basic you can expect a lot of exercise, learning, and stress, but you will also (hopefully) graduate with new found skills, discipline, and mental toughness. Read more »

Air Force News Wire

Marine exercise on Okinawa includes 2 amphibious landings

Marines and sailors are building up their seaborne, rapid-reaction capabilities during Blue Chromite 16, a large-scale training exercise underway on Okinawa.
14 weeks 3 days ago

Galvin has one last shot at Far East title

He’s accomplished two of his major goals: winning the DODDS Japan meet on Oct. 17 at Misawa, then the Kanto Plain finals last Saturday at Tama Hills.
14 weeks 3 days ago

ISB, Stuttgart could battle it out for an array of titles

Though it is squeezed into just six weeks, the DODDS-Europe tennis regular season proceeds at a fairly leisurely pace. Aside from an occasional midweek or Friday meet, players can plan on a match or two every Saturday and a week of practice and rest before the next one.
14 weeks 3 days ago

Favorites looking to run away with titles

You’d think five kilometers would be plenty of distance to tackle at one time. But all season, some of DODDS-Europe’s finest long-distance runners have had an even further finish line in mind.
14 weeks 3 days ago

DOD inspector general examining claims about Afghan child sex abuse

The Pentagon’s inspector general is looking into reports that American military personnel were told to ignore child sex abuse committed by Afghan security forces and government officials.
14 weeks 3 days ago

Dunford: Russian, Iranian support giving Syrian forces, Assad a huge boost

Russian bombing and Iranian-backed forces have helped give Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces an advantage in the country’s civil war, the top U.S. military officer says, suggesting a sharp setback for the Obama administration.
14 weeks 3 days ago