Can I join the US Air Force?

If you are interested in joining the US Air Force, the following information will hopefully be helpful. But remember, sometimes the information will change with little or no warning, and so your best bet is to get in touch with an Air Force recruiter since their information is always up-to-date! Read more »

Basic Training

Basic Training in the Air Force is similar to the other branches of service. The Air Force wants you to learn the "right way" to do things - their way. During basic you can expect a lot of exercise, learning, and stress, but you will also (hopefully) graduate with new found skills, discipline, and mental toughness. Read more »

Air Force News Wire

Defense contractors see opportunity in cybersecurity sector

After a year that saw destructive cyberattacks on major U.S. companies, President Obama's call to stiffen America's digital defenses could help bolster the bottom lines of top defense and aerospace contractors facing cutbacks in Pentagon spending.
14 weeks 4 days ago

Air Force headquarters to bring 350 jobs to Texas base

San Antonio has been selected as the home of a new facility that will bring around 350 military and civilian jobs here by fall, the Air Force said Wednesday.
14 weeks 4 days ago

Navy vet falsified age to serve her country

Berenice George lied about her age to join the Navy in 1943, a secret she kept from her father for decades. She had just turned 18 when she tried to join the Navy in Philadelphia, two years shy of the 20-year-old age requirement for women. She begged her father to sign her enlistment papers, never telling him about the age requirement.
14 weeks 4 days ago

Fort AP Hill's civilian commander dies at 68

Robert Wright, deputy garrison commander of Fort A.P. Hill, died Monday at his home in Bowling Green, leaving the Army post bereft of its highest-ranking civilian.
14 weeks 4 days ago

AP's top photos of the week

Here's your look at highlights from the weekly AP photo report, a gallery featuring a mix of front-page photography, the odd image you might have missed and lasting moments our editors think you should see.
14 weeks 4 days ago

In Yemen, Houthi rebels’ gains could have wide repercussions

The violent upheaval in Yemen’s capital this week has raised fears of a power vacuum at the heart of a country regarded as critical to U.S. counter-terrorism efforts in the Middle East.
14 weeks 4 days ago