Air Force Schedules More Personnel Boards

The Air Force announced today that their will be another review board to trim the ranks of Airmen, in order to help handle the ever looming budget concerns throughout the military.

This board, which will be held in May, will only consider removing Airmen who have less than 18 or more than 20 years of service, according to this article at Those who are cut will have to both leave active duty service and apply for retirement by Oct. 1 or earlier.

Some affected Airmen may choose, however, to apply for voluntary retirement before the board even meets. In some cases, applying for voluntary retirement (through the Temporary Early Retirement Authority Program (TERA)) can result in a larger separation payout. says a "staff sergeant...would receive $45,496.50, if he is selected for separation by the retention board...a staff sergeant with the same time in service background who voluntarily separates before the board convenes would receive $56,870.62". Those who voluntarily separate would lose access to the Transition Assistance Program and its benefits among others that are available to those Airmen selected for separation by the board.

The actual number of Airmen that the board is needing to cut remains uncertain.