Army Lt. Col. Supports Grounding the A-10

An opinion piece by Army Lt. Col. Paul Darling titled "The A-10 needs to go" has been published over at

Lt. Col. Darling, an infantry officer in the Alaska National Guard, lists three "myths" that are perpetuated about and around the A-10 and Close Air Support (CAS) in general.

The three ideas that Darling tries to disprove are:

  • The A-10 is the best CAS aircraft.
  • Bombers cannot do CAS.
  • The A-10 is more survivable than other CAS aircraft.

As an infantryman, Lt. Col. Darling does have a unique perspective on the CAS role provided by the A-10 and other assets, and gives several examples of good and bad CAS aircraft. Unlike the USAF, however, Lt. Col. Darling is not pushing to ground all A-10s in order to channel the funds to the controversy-ridden F-35. Check out the article over at to find out what Lt. Col. Darling is recommending - I haven't heard many top brass mention it.