Awesome: R/C A-10 + Nerf Gun - Video!

On a list of awesome hobbies, remote control (or R/C) aircraft are pretty high up there. Combining an R/C A-10 with a Nerf gun and a small video camera has got to put this over the top, though.

The creator of this masterpiece goes by the name ajw61185 on Youtube, and has quite a bit to say about his invention:

My latest build combines two hobbies, R/C planes, and Nerf. I've incorporated a stripped down Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into the nose of an old FreeWing A-10. The blaster is controlled from the same transmitter used to fly the plane and allows me to launch 12 safe/soft foam balls in less than half a second. The balls come out so fast it even sounds like the real thing, I encourage you to turn the volume up on the ground-based shots. I've played around with various tabs in the barrel to adjust the amount of spin on the balls and provide a nice flat, or slightly down trajectory. The balls are so light that if I'm flying too fast, I can overtake the salvo I just launched, which you can see in some of the on-board shots. As with other Nerf Zeus mods, it will also launch Nerf Mega Darts (last pass in the video). They seem to handle the airspeed of the aircraft better, but you can only fit three in at a time. Strafing runs were remarkably effective on some cardboard T-72 tanks, and putting on a pair of goggles to get the first person view is amazing. Also, yes, I picked up all the balls on the field and somehow managed to not lose any .

This is just awesome! The on-plane footage looks a bit like some of the combat and training videos of A-10s going in for guns runs on fast-forward. The Nerf balls even sound like a baby version of the A-10's GAU-8 characteristic "Brrrrt".

A reminder, though. If you want to try a similar project, remember to be careful! Never shoot anything at people or animals - only cardboard cutouts of Soviet tanks!

Watch the full video here: