The B-21 Finally Has An Official Name!

B-21 Raider
Announced back in February, the B-21 now has its official name, announced by the Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James today.

And that name is...

The B-21 Raider!

According to James, that name was chosen by Lt. Col. Jamie Hernandez, Technical Sgt Derek White and retired Co-Pilot Lt. Dick Cole, who all wrote papers explaining why "Raider" should be chosen.

It should be noted that Lt. Dick Cole is one of the "Doolittle Raiders" that took part in the first attacks on the Japanese mainland during World War II.

The B-21 is designed to be a long-range multirole aircraft, able to not only bomb targets but also perform disrupt enemy command and control systems and function as a central platform to control unmanned aircraft. The USAF will order up to 100 aircraft at an estimated cost of around $600 million each, and the first B-21 is expected to fly sometime in the mid-2020s.