DoD Gives Outlook on Government Shutdown

With a government shutdown on October 1st a distinct possibility, the Department of Defense has released some more information on what might happen to military operations.

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  • Although active duty soldiers will continue to go to work, about half of the Defense Department’s civilian workforce — about 400,000 people — will be placed on immediate furlough.
  • Military operation and support for the soldiers in Afghanistan will remain unaffected.
  • Paychecks distributed on Oct. 1 will be unaffected. If the shutdown continues past Oct. 7, then Oct. 15 payroll may be delayed.
  • Recruiting will continue as usual, and new service members entering into processing centers and basic training facilities will be uninterrupted. However, other military training will probably be put on hold.
  • Service members deploying to Afghanistan will not be affected, but travel returning from Afghanistan may be delayed unless it is deemed "essential".

There has been little progress on Capitol Hill since the Democratically-controlled Senate passed a continuing resolution on Friday that would keep the Pentagon and other federal agencies open through mid-November. This puts pressure on the Republican-controlled House to act to avoid a shutdown.