The Air Force requires a score of at least 36 on the ASVAB if you are a high school graduate, or 65 if you have a GED.

The ASVAB has four main categories: General, Mechanical, Administrative, and Electrical. Each category has its own score, which is based on the results of the 8 different subtests. Each different career in the Air Force has different minimum requirements in one or more of the four main categories.

Here are the 8 different subtest categories, as well as the number of questions and time to complete each subtest:

Order Subtest Number of Questions Time Allowed
Test 1 General Science (GS) 25 11 minutes
Test 2 Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 30 36 minutes
Test 3 Word Knowledge (WK) 35 11 minutes
Test 4 Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 15 13 minutes
Test 5 Mathematics Knowledge (MK) 25 24 minutes
Test 6 Electronics Information (EI) 20 9 minutes
Test 7 Auto and Shop Information (AS) 25 11 minutes
Test 8 Mechanical Comprehension (MC) 25 19 minutes
Test 9 Assembling Objects (AO) 20 20 minutes

And here you can see how each subtest fits into one (or more) of the four main categories:

Qualification Area ASVAB Subtests
General (G) Verbal Expression (WK + PC) and AR
Mechanical (M)MC, GS, and (2x AS)
Administrative (A) CS and Verbal Expression (WK + PC)
Electrical (E)AR, MK, EI, and GS