USAF Hits ISIS Hard in November

According to data released by the Air Force, last month USAF bombers, fighters, and drones reached a new peak in the air campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Air Force aircraft dropped 3,271 munitions against a variety of ISIS targets last month, which brings the entire number of munitions used against ISIS targets to around 32,000 - many of them precision-guided munitions designed to take out pinpoint targets. This is leading to a shortage of some munitions, according to a USA Today article.

The 3,271 munitions used by the Air Force last month marks the highest number of bombs dropped on ISIS targets in a single month over the entire 16-month history of Operation Inherent Resolve. Targets for the airstrikes include ISIS leadership and personnel, oil tankers and infrastructure, heavy weapons, and training locations. The 3,271 munitions used also almost doubled the number of dropped weapons in June 2015, when only 1,683 munitions were released - the low point of 2015.

Recently both Britain and France have also expanded their involvement in the US-led airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria, and Defense Secretary Carter has mentioned a small "expeditionary targeting force" that can perform special operations missions on a small scale in both countries. This small force could also help further refine the targeting process for the large number of sorties and munitions dropped in order to have a maximum impact against ISIS.

For more specific numbers you can check out the .PDF file from November below, or you can click here for more DoD information about Operation Inherent Resolve.

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