USAF Proposed Reduction of 500 Aircraft

If the Department of Defense's Fiscal 2015 budget request is approved by Congress, the Air Force will reduce its inventory of planes by almost 500.

These reductions would affect the active duty, Reserve, and National Guard fleets - completely eliminating the A-10 and U-2 airframes and greatly reducing the number of F-15s and MQ-1s. The reductions would mostly come from units stationed in the US - only 47 aircraft would be removed from overseas bases.

The Air Force's proposed base budget for FY 2015 is $109.3 billion, slightly more than the $108.8 billion that Congress actually passed. In order to protect current and future aircraft such as the F-35, the KC-46 tanker, and a future long-range bomber, the USAF has decided to completely eliminate some airframes and reduce the numbers of others. In addition, to aircraft, the USAF plans to reduce personnel in both the active duty and Reserve components.

All these proposed reductions and eliminations must be approved by Congress, however. Many lawmakers of districts with strong ties to the Air Force or A-10 have expressed strong opposition to its elimination.

Here is a US Air Force map of the proposed reductions: